Our partners

Our partners through the different projects :

On the Alaska-Ushuaïa,

KORTEL, a French brand, provides paragliding speedriding gears. They supplied us with a light and efficient harness, fitted out with an airbag which keeped Laure safe, and a reserve chute for the precedent project. The gear still is as good as new and accompanies us on every trek !

On the Paris-Tokyo venture,

FRENDO, French brand specialized in mountain gear, was the first sponsor to support our project. We received two backpacks, one solar pannel, one dynamo powered firelighter, two frontal flashlights USB chargeable with 4 hours autonomy (which we never had to recharge thanks to their exceptional facture and reliability).

NEMO provided us cozy tents and mattress, customized to sleep in security anywhere at anytime, even in the middle of a blizzard.

KATADYN was truely helpfull, provinding us our cooking gear and a solid provision of deshydratated food. Thanks to them, we never lacked of food, whatever the wheater or the place (forest, city or mountain).

NIKON provided us a D7100 and a coolpix AW120. Without this material, we could not have documented our adventure.

We warmly thanks all the brands and the people who trust us. Without you, our projects wouldn’t be the same.

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